Sukhdev Jackson

Special one time Webinar


Peace with Food & Your Body"

A roadmap to shifting your relationship to food & your body.

June 11th, 9.30am

"Special 3 hour class"

The class will be recorded and you will have life access.

As a yogi, shortly after I got sober some 13 years ago, I realized I had a long thwarted relationship with food and all things sweet. I was not able to enjoy much without obsessing over it or not knowing how to stop after the initial pleasurable bite. 

It was not until I let go of the substance abuse, the chaos in my life, and all that goes along with addiction that I realized that I was dealing with an issue that had pained me since I was seven years old. My relationship to FOOD and my body..

The food, sugar, and stimulants thing become another way to cope. It became the center of my life. Another way to not deal with the pain of my heart (which is really the messages of the healing of my heart)  or anything that was generally not going MY WAY! 

I would create all kinds of excuses to not do what my heart longed to do and numb myself with either food, stimulants or sugar. And it become very sophisticated!

After many years of healing with the practices of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.  I can acknowledge that food is my friend, even if I spiral down sometimes, I always return to a loving mindful  space with food. And I create it.

Meal after meal….but the freedom and joy is immense. There are so many victories! And I tell you, there is nothing quite like it. 

It’s what I call authentic happiness, when we  know we are working with a tendency but choose to befriend what once might have been a demon.. We say thank you, for teaching me…and we experience another level of liberation.

I can help you do the same. 

And as you begin to heal the relationship with food and your body,  you will know what the right foods are for you. 

In this process,  I will share the road map that I have developed over the years to come to peace with food and my cravings. 

It’s a step by step process and it’s really simple to implement.

You move at your own pace, let go of things when you are ready and have a support group to share with.  

And all that will be held together by the  40 day Sadhana which we will engage in as a community. 

What you will discover: 

  1. If you are eating emotionally and if it is causing you pain.
  2. If any stimulants in your life are causing you to NOT deal with your feelings or not be present to the magic that life can be.
  3. If you are having a hard time listening or hearing your intuition when it comes to food or anything.
  4. If if you are running away from being still, if your sex drive is low,  or your hormones unbalanced. All l things which are a result of excess caffeine. 

What you will receive and the benefits:

  1. Begin a powerful supported 40 day practice to create peace with food, feel energized and deal with addictive behaviors around any foods or stimulants.
  2. A step by step plan on how to let go of sugar and caffeine.
  3. A recipe PDF manual with sugar free drinks (but still sweet if you like), stimulant replacement drinks. AND…how to wean off the HARD stuff! (Coffee) 
  4. A  private Facebook support group where we will share our stories, recipes and create support. 
  5. One Q & A Call mid program to get all your questions answered.
  6. The recored class happening on June 11th to review. You will own that for life. 
  7. A Q&A to get all your questions answered after the June 11th class.

The Class is recored and you will have lifetime access.

You will receive all of the above for the one time price of only $97.00 


"Creating Peace with Food & Your Body "

A roadmap to shifting your relationship to food & your body.