Understanding The Moon Centers

for Women & Men

Enhance your communication and relationships

Learn to maximize your strengths and work on your weaknesses 

Understand yourself and your nature as Womb-man


The eleven moon centers is an ancient  Kundalini Yogic Technology that describes a woman as a Lunar Being. She is  deeply affected emotionally, physically and mentally by the cycles of the Moon.

This means that she waxes and wanes like the moon and her emotions fluctuate every 2.5 days over a 28 day cycle. Each woman has her own unique cycle that once identified, never changes and can answer many questions that have mystified her throughout time! 

Man is run by the Sun. He is constant and stationary. Thus he only has one moon center. 

When these two polarities, Sun and Moon can understand each other's nature, there is true harmony possible. And a whole lot of fun!

I have some fun stories about the moon centers that Akah and I have experienced in our marriage. ( more about that at the class 🤗)

Discover this breakthrough journey to emotional freedom as you gain more control of your emotions and learn how to have them and use them to your benefit. 

Each center has a challenge, a weakness and a neutral standpoint. Pending on how you take care of yourself and your lifestyle, ie: diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, yoga, that will dictate how you can maximize your positive energy in each moon center. 

This is a powerful tool transform your life from not understanding yourself and possible "crazy" moments during the month, to getting a grip on how to regulate yourself and these emotional fluctuations.

Learning how to maximize your strong moon centers and work on the weaker ones. All will be revealed shortly!  



  • Like an emotional yoyo. You make a decision one day and by the next week you are onto something else. Can't seem to stay on track with your commitments. 


  • Feeling challenged that your partner does not understand you or what you are going through. 


  • In a state of emotional overwhelm with frustrating repetitive thoughts and processing sometimes lasting for days or weeks.


  • Sometimes feel insecure about being FULLY yourself & sharing your gifts with the world.


  • Easily getting confused about what’s real – whether you are really ‘getting it’ or making things up which could lead to blaming others, and later realizing it was based on your own false assumptions, insecurities, and fears.


  • Difficulty controlling your emotions. Feel like you never can quite stay on top of things you need to handle.


I use to feel all of the above, Things have changed drastically.....read on....

Before I begun my healing journey into wholeness, I use to be deeply affected by my thoughts and emotions. Years ago I felt like there was no way out. As if I did not have any power to control these incredible ups and downs that I went through.

And I had a good reason to believe it so as both my mother and grandmother and great grandmother had been mentally unstable and my mother was  institutionalized  when I was 2.5 years old for four years.  

I was sent to a psychiatrist as early as 16 years old and diagnosed with Bi-polar, put on Psychiatric meds and I was a hot mess as you can imagine.

I use to create so much drama and chaos in my life as it was all that I knew! I even left a whole country to get away from every person that I knew and migrated to Los Angeles from London, UK. Thinking that would make a difference......

It was a long road to realizing that my thinking and my emotional behavior was the problem. Not only that, I really believed I was crazy. I had no sense or connection to my power and did not even know how to access it.  I was manifesting the abusive relationships I was constantly finding myself in, the addictions and the friendships that always ended badly. The fights with my family...the list goes on and on.

I felt helpless and begun a slow journey to healing myself as I no longer could take the pain that I was in. It was like my own personal hell on earth. 

So here is my Breakthrough moment that happened in 2006!

In  my studies of Kundalini Yoga on my healing journey, I discovered a powerful technology called the  11 Moon Centers and it became  the missing piece I had been searching for.  

I kept trying to manage my emotions in all kinds of ways, with meditation, food, chants, yoga and all that helped but only to a certain extent. 

What helped me the most was to understand my own unique moon cycle and how my same emotional tendencies would show up at the same time of the month.

When I discovered the 11 Moon Centers, it was such a confirmation that I was not crazy! That every woman was feeling similar to me....Aaahhh and what if we had a roadmap for our emotional tendencies, something concrete and workable?

My relationship with my beloved husband Akah Jackson has been truly blessed by this moon center teaching. When I taught him the moon centers and explained to him how I shifted into a whole other emotional basis every 2.5 days, he got a window into my nature. He accepted it, learnt about the moon centers and it bought a whole new level of harmony into our marriage. 

Often I forget what moon I am in and he will remind me.....

"remember my love, this is your pink of the cheeks moment! Take it nice and easy. Why don't you go and do something for yourself? Massage, hot-springs, healing treatment?"

Ha! who knew learning the moon centers and sharing them with him would get me some time off being a mama, entrepreneur and a housewife? 


Well here it is...

When you take the time to track the code to your internal moon cycle. What has been a mystery to you and others for so long will now make sense!

And the beauty is that it stays consistent and you know where you are heading every moment of the month.

You can prepare a space of healing when you know you may dip low and feel disconnected, internal and deep in your process. It such a relief to be connected to this wisdom of a woman's body and cycles. Everything has shifted for me from that moment on.

I get to be so much gentler with myself in those times and allow the space for extra nourishing.

It is my greatest joy to share this with women and men who are ready to take control of their life and co-create a powerful destiny in understanding and working with their emotions as well as elevating their relationships with the men in their lives to a place of harmony


1. A  two hour live webinar with Sukhdev to break down the technology of the 11 moon centers, get some tools to deal with each moon center and time for Q & A at the end of class. 

2. The technology of the 11 moon centers. Learn how to work into getting into the positive and neutral states so that you can maximize your moon.

3. Learn how to track your own unique moon center cycle with supported documents

4.. A PDF with a detailed grid listing all the positive, challenges and neutral aspects of each moon center. This is the KEY to really understanding the moon centers.

5. A PDF grid to track your moon cycle over a 3 months period. Put it on your fridge and in your handbag, it takes one minute a day! 

6. A 40 day meditation to specifically to balance the emotions of the moon centers. It is said to be the highest meditation a woman can do. 

7. A facebook group to connect with other participants, ask questions and connect. . 

The Results You Can Expect:

  •  A deep understanding of your emotional cycles and what the gifts and pitfalls are of each moon so that you can make the best use of them


  • Tools to honor, guide & hone your emotions. 


  • How to regulate with self care, yoga, food & meditation. 


  • It will give you all the tools to figure out your own unique cycle.


  • Once you figure out your cycle you will know how to maximize your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Your ups and downs will no longer be a mystery. You will learn to become more neutral in your life and act from the meditative.


"Sukhdev shares powerful teaching that help illuminate the shadow and lead you to the light. You will remember your sacred right as empowered woman, mother, sister, healer and lover."

Kia Miller | Yoga Teacher 

The Moon Centers Master Class


  • The Video Master Class

  • A version of the class on audio only - (when you are on the move)

  • All the documents to track your cycle and understand the moon centers

  • Access to the Facebook community.

  • The highest meditation a woman can do

$79 only

You will receive all the information with all the materials the same day you sign up.


  • Feel you don’t have the time? Or Why should I do this? 

  • Take a deep breath – through learning the tools of The Moon Centers you will have MORE time to create what you love as your emotional processing time will be drastically reduced. And you will learn how to communicate your needs in a better way with your partner. The class will be available to you as a recorded video that you can review anytime.


  • Why does it cost $79?

  • This is a compilation of years of experience, data and research that I have gathered on the moon centers. You will be provided detailed documents on all the different aspects of the moon centers, how to track your moon center and tools to use for each moon. You won't find that detailed information online for that price.


  • What if I’ve never done kundalini yoga?

  • Yoga experience is not required to attend The Moon Centers Master Class


  • What is the refund policy?

  • No refunds on this course.