Shakti School Women’s Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga For Women | Meditation | Mantra | Women’s Moon Circles | Dance

If you are eager to share the luminous pearls of wisdom you have to offer this planet, then we welcome you to join us in the sacred vortex of Somatic Sanctuary in Ojai, CA. 

Here, you will learn to spread the foundations of a lifestyle-based practice that supports healing, thriving and excelling in daily life.

This powerful training for women has its roots in Kundalini Yoga, in which you will dive heart-first into the foundational trainings of daily mantra, kriya yoga, meditation, and so much more!

Kundalini Yoga is the only lineage to have dedicated 30 years to training women into their innate power, grace, caliber and leadership. 

Together, we will strengthen the immensity of your presence so that you can show up for your students in a way that affects massive change in the modern era.

By learning to teach and uplift those in your community, you will leave with the tools to be a radiant light wherever you go, and to cause a powerful ripple effect among women.