Sukhdev Jackson
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Sukhdev was born Pauline Drossart in Brussels, Belgium and moved to London when she was 11 years old.

After the loss of her mother at the age of 7, an uplifting musical movement in West London fostered Sukhdev Jackson in her early childhood. Curious to discover the music her mother loved, Sukhdev began to collect vinyl records shortly after her mother’s passing. Music legends such as Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Earth Wind and Fire sparked beautiful memories and inspired her young spirit.

By the age of 18 her talents had naturally progressed and Jackson landed an EMI record deal with Parlophone Records – the label The Beatles were signed to. She was in a musical category of her own in the mid 1990’s, with a unique poetic fusion of French and English Hip Hop and RnB. She toured the world, appeared on MTV, and was recognized for her unique style by Billboard Magazine. As part of the urban sound of London, she thrived in the creativity and dynamism of rap music, but a chaotic industry devoid of spirituality left her empty and searching for something more.

Music and writing became her medicine

Sukhdev discovered Kundalini Yoga and meditation upon moving to Los Angeles in the year 2000. After a decade of battling drug addiction, she experienced the healing power of meditation, yoga, and prayer, which changed her life dramatically. Her newfound spiritual path led her to becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher in 2006.

The given spiritual name Sukhdev means 'Angel of Peace'

For the past decade she has had the privilege to study extensively with Yogis, Holistic practitioners, Shamans and the Native people of the Chumash tribe.

Her current work and passion is to support women to come back into their personal power and destiny. Having immersed herself in the Women’s Kundalini Yoga teachings and pulling from the focused array she has studied from, Sukhdev was inspired to create “Shakti School" as a training for Women to come back "Into Their True Power". Shakti School is online and live. 

These are trainings for women to activate their unique gifts, caliber, personal power and grace. 

Sukhdev now travels internationally teaching and singing and sharing her inspiration through yoga, meditation, prayer and sacred songs.