Shakti School Online Training Begins April 2017 - Dates to be confirmed. 

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CLOSED: 6 -Week Women's Live Training

"Into Her True Power & Leadership"

 Topanga & Ojai Groups, CA |  Beginning January 2017

Step powerfully in 2017 into the woman you long to be. Share your gifts and uplift those around you!

Photo by DJ Pierce 


  • Are ready to tap into the secret energy and sacred science inside of your body to develop your innate gifts as a woman?

  • Are you ready to step into a  new levels of well being and vitality?  

  • Are you ready to be in a sisterhood where you are supported, heard and seen?

  • Are you ready to lead in your life with grace, caliber and in your true power?

  • Are you longing to heal your relationship to your body, food and your own unique beauty?

  • Do you long to be part of the global movement that is happening with women on the planet right now? And develop your  capacity for leadership?

I invite you to join Shakti School LIVE and be part of this global movement that is calling women into their innate power and leadership!

Shakti: The Feminine creative aspect of the Universe that is weaved through All.


Shakti School is a woman's training "Into her true power and leadership". It takes place over a 40 day cycle. We will meet once a week on either a Monday (Topanga group) or a Thursday (Ojai) for 6 weeks from 6pm-9pm.

Shakti School is a life-force activating program where I will teach you my most cherished kriyas, meditations and processes, inspired by some of the greatest and timeless spiritual teachings.

These ancient wisdom shine light on the most common problems we face as women:

  •  burnout, lack of creativity and motivation
  •  self-defeating thought patterns,
  • inability to express our truth and feeling at times, depleted and resentful.


These time-tested and practical tools will be the catalyst to removing the blocks you may have been dealing with all of your life.

Utilizing these methods and living into our truth with intuitive strength and knowing, may be the greatest gift we can give ourselves in the rapidly changing climate of today.

Your creativity will soar; your body will heal and you will find your way into sharing your full self-expression in the world and with those around you.


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

is powerful technology and ancient wisdom containing great insight and teachings about what it means to be a Woman living in her destiny with grace, grit and caliber in the Aquarian Age.

Experience the power of women coming together in circle once a week for a 40-day cycle to do soulful work and return to your True Power and innate nature to lead.



The heart of the program and what you receive


  •  A daily practice, transforming negative habits into positives life affirming habits.
  •  Scientific tools to experience feeling stable, grounded, creative and empowered.
  • Mantric meditations to manifest prosperity, creativity and healing.
  • Kundalini Yoga and meditation kriyas to nurture and develop your unique gifts.
  • Weekly sister/partner call to stay on track and accountable
  • An adventurous full moon evening out into nature as a healing tool and connection 
  • Optional but recommended: A sweat lodge experience to purify, rebirth and connect
  • Facebook bonus group

7 Steps To Empowering Your Life

  • The foundation of a woman's power & leadership
  • Intuition, listening and living on purpose

  • Sexual liberation, releasing shame and mastering your health

  • Addictions, how to create peace of mind and the power of pleasure

  • The Science Of Sound and Mantra to overcome negativity and create powerful outcomes

  •  Re-inventing Yourself, Creativity and Sharing your gifts

  •  Prosperity & Leadership in your career and everyday life

Sukhdev shares powerful teaching that help illuminate the shadow and lead you to the light. You will remember your sacred right as empowered woman, mother, sister, healer and lover.
— — Kia Miller - Yoga Teacher

Attending retreats and workshops with Sukhdev sent me on a journey to go deeper within myself to practice my meditation and to seek the truth in my everyday life.
— Julie R, London, UK