Sukhdev Jackson

Kundalini Yoga. Meditation. Daily Practice.
Dance. Mantra. Women's circle

Topanga, CA.
Thursdays 6-9pm : January 4th - February 15th, 2018
(No class on Jan 25)


As an online class ( recordings available for life)


  • Step into your vision for 2018. Take the next step to activate your gifts, prosperity and take charge of your health. Commit to a 40 day practice and challenge in person in Topanga, CA or as an online course (that you will own forever.)


  • Learn and discover tools to conquer negative habits, find pleasure in everyday life and bring more presence to your daily life. 


  •  Work through your blocks with sisterhood support  so that you may live more of a creative, peaceful and prosperous life. 


  • Sit in a wisdom circle and connect deeper to  your true SOURCE through ancient wisdom, connection, sisterhood and healing.


  • Create a dedicated spiritual practice based on ancient, powerful kundalini yoga and creative exercises that enliven our feminine essence like dance and movement.


  • Participate in a gentle, guided cleanse that will start your new year with a complete nutritional boost. (optional add on)


  • Experience a transformation that will help you focus, and deal with the sometimes stress of life from a place of graceful strength.


  • Discover a treasure trove of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, meditation and practices that you can keep and use for life.


  • Commit to living a life of personal evolution!


Is the world moving   too quickly for you?

Does the barrage of negative news, world trauma and constant consumerism feel overwhelming? Are you afraid of the future? Are you concerned for your health and that of the world around you? Do you feel you aren’t doing enough? Do you long for a sense of community and connection? Do you wish to be able to live the dreams you imagine?


Find Your Own
Source of Power

Would you like to learn how to find your own source of power, graceful strength within and secrets to combating fear and anxiety? Would you like to deepen the process of healing your life and building a better world through authentic connections and true teachings?


Are you ready to commit to your own spiritual evolution through 40 day program designed to connect you to your source of Fierce Feminine?

The Fierce Feminine is specifically designed to reconnect you to your innate power.

In this wisdom course, you will tap into your divine femininity and ground back into the graceful flow that we are meant to live in as women.

Using the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, dance, ritual and ceremony, we will enter the womb of Creation and recover our full radiance and potential as women in the Aquarian Age as we redefine beauty, health and power. While supporting ourselves with a healing and cleansing nutritional regime, we will be working with the mental, emotional and physical bodies, we will passionately embrace and explore the myriad facets of being a woman, reclaiming our birthright.

Join us on the path to your authentic self by allowing the TRUE power of the Woman to flow through you.


What you can expect
from the program:

  • Develop a powerful daily practice using Kundalini Yoga, meditation & chanting.

  • Learn how to authentically relax on a day to day basis.

  • Replace habits and behaviors that stop you from being your full self with empowering ones.

  • Connect to your innate feminine power and live in true grace.

  • Become magnetic to attract the things you that will really serve your life.

  • Learn techniques to become stress free, passionate and excited about sharing your gifts.

  • Celebrate being a woman! Laugh, play and discover that in working less you manifest more!


Meet your wisdom guide:

Sukhdev Jackson is one of the international faces of the new generation of Kundalini Yoga teachers. Guiding women to return to their true power is her driving passion in life. She is the founder of "Shakti School”, a school created to serve and train women to develop their true power through the Women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.  Through her own commitment to personal evolution and the deep science of Kundalini, she is a shining example of the powerful grace available to those who seek.

Sukhdev is also part of the world renowned, spiritual musical duo “Aykanna”, and is a “Billboard Magazine” acclaimed musician, with a career spanning over 20 years. With Akah, her musical partner and husband, she shares Aykanna’s profoundly devotional and uplifting music worldwide.

Sukhdev currently teaches alongside the renowned Kundalini elder Gurmukh at the Omega Institute in New York. In the coming year you will find her teaching at all the seminal Kundalini events and notable yoga events such as Sat Nam Fest,  Summer Solstice Celebration, Woman’s Camp in New Mexico, Kripalu institute, Blue Spirit Retreat  and in Europe.Sukhdev lives with her husband and their darling 5 year old daughter Sahej Rose  in Ojai, CA and is currently working on her newest album.

The Program:

The Fierce Feminine

In person

  • 6 Thursday nights from January 4th to February 15th, 2018. 6-9pm


  • We will gather at a private residence in the scenic canyons of Topanga, California.

  • There will be an essential but optional sweat lodge at an offsite location on February 10th to complete our program (for an additional $35 fee.)

IMPORTANT INFO: For those of you participating in the live program in Topanga, CA. Only the lecture and kundalini yoga & meditation class will be live streamed and recorded. None of the sacred circle sharing time will be streamed or recorded. There will be absolute confidentiality in the sacred circle. 


The Fierce Feminine

Online Program


  • 6 Thursday nights live streamed from Topanga from January 4th to February 15th, 2018.

  • 6-9pm PST (NO CLASS ON JANUARY 25th)

  • You will own the recording forever and can do it in your own time.

  • You will receive the 40 day Kriya and Meditation challenge to do in your own time

  • You will receive ONLY the live streaming/recording of the Fierce Feminine teaching and the kriya/meditation as well as homework each week. None of the personal circle sharing will be streamed live. 



Circle 1:
The Fierce Feminine

• Foundations of a women's power                                                                            
• How to develop a 40 day practice and keep up.                                              
• Accessing the warrior woman within & developing a relationship to her.       
• Step up in this time to become warriors and guardians.                                  
• Standing up in collective responsibility.


Circle 2:

These are the Times

• Befriend the shadow: Working with it: Embracing it.

• Tools and practices to connect with our fears and crises.

• Working with unknown and the future in times of great transition.

• Becoming lights in the darkness.

• The importance of ritual and devotion.


Circle 3:
Healing the Masculine

• Supporting the masculine to thrive - essential part of feminine strength to connect with the healing of the masculine.

• Nurturing the masculine within ourselves and recognizing it in the men around us.

• Healing  sexual wounds and connecting sexuality to spirituality

• Practices to heal sexuality, shame and moving forward from past traumas


Circle 4:
The Council of
Wise Women Within

• Finding your own wise council within             

• Connecting authentically in service to your community through love, clear connections and abundance.

• The Power of mantra and how to use specific mantras to heal certain mental, physical and emotional conditions

• Tools to turn depression into devotion


Circle 5:
"Relax and Attract, thriving in these changing times"

Women's panel with Q&A

• Featuring a panel of Sukhdev’s favorite wise women to share their insights and grace.

• It is law of the Universe that we actually accomplish and manifest way more by being in our grace and meditative mind. This is the space where we attract what we truly are served by.

• When you begin to flow through your life with grace, you know longer need to chase as the things that are meant for you will be attracted into your life.

• Learn tools to come out of hustle and hassle and embody relax and attract.


Circle 6:
Living with
Grace and Vision

• Tools to share your individual gifts to uplift your families and communities

• Coping with non-duality and staying present to the moments gifts.

• Living with presence and enjoying the gems of existence.

• Commitment to end the neurosis once and for all. 

Living in prosperity with health, relationship and finances.



Feel the Call

We are facing extreme and challenging times. Fear can overtake us instantly. This is the moment to learn to live in an elevated consciousness. Finding new paths to transition into the next age with grace is key for our world to be led into the dawn of an age of compassion, connection and resiliency.  Through Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, we rise to meet these challenges in new creative ways.  Community is our haven and as we gather in a tribe of sisters; we connect, reflect, strengthen, grow and glow.

Create a solid daily practice which is the heart of any transformation. Re-pattern your behaviors, stop your neurosis and live in your fierce femininity with stability and caliber. Healing becomes a part of your daily experience and you naturally expand into a creative life of service.

Woman, rise into your fierce feminine power and elevate the masculine into its rightful place, from inner power and radiant love.


Becoming The Fierce Feminine

Wisdom Circle

In Person Program in Beautiful Topanga Canyon


Limited Space for Live Program


Becoming The Fierce Feminine

Personal Wisdom Circle

Take our Personal Program online wherever you are
in the world.

Do the course on your time and own the material for life.
Join us in the 40 day daily practice commitment.



"Becoming the fierce feminine" is an intentional circle of women with a collective commitment.


Q: Feel you don't have the time?

A: Take a deep breath and know that through learning the tools of The Fierce Feminine you will have MORE time as your emotional processing time will be drastically reduced.

Q: What if I want to do the Live program in Topanga but have to miss a couple of classes?

A: You have access to all the recordings for life and you can make up the class anytime you need.

Q: I want to join the live class but concerned about the program be streamed live whilst I am in the class?

A: The streaming will not affect anyone. Only a couple of the student's back who have agreed to this will be on camera. Only the lecture and kundalini yoga & meditation class will be live streamed and recorded. None of the sacred circle sharing time will be streamed or recorded. There will be absolute confidentiality in the sacred circle.  

Q: Is yoga experience necessary?

A: No – The yoga we teach is challenging to each individual according to their level. Each year there are several participants who take their first yoga class at Shakti School.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Shakti School reserves a $100 non refundable deposit. 

Q: Do you have a payment program?
A: Yes, payment plans are available above.