Welcome to  "A Voyage Into Sacred Sound".

We would be honored to hear from you before we begin our journey together. 

It is our wish that this experience serves you in the highest

Please fill out this brief Questionnaire and review the 'Commitments and Agreements' below.

We wish to get a sense of where you are in your life and what is alive your heart so that we may serve you in the best way possible way during our retreat. 


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This retreat is an opportunity to transform at a rapid pace. To heal your relationship to yourself as Wo-Man and to other sisters and your Matriarchal lineage.

As you heal so will you heal and liberate seven generations behind you and seven generations beyond you. That is the promise of Kundalini Yoga. 

Kundalini yoga and meditation focusing on Mantra is a process that will unleash and release what is no longer needed. It works fast and deeply. It connects a woman to her higher consciousness.  

Take a moment to go through these agreements and really take the time to embody them in your higher consciousness as you go through them and check them off. Deep breath....

Thank you dear heart, may you shine, be uplifted and know the beauty that you are. 

In Love & Light, 

Sukhdev & The Shakti School Team