Registration will open soon. July 3-7, 2019

Harnessing your unique creative power through the sound current

Connect to the practice of sacred sound, and watch your life flourish into new realms of expansion. Mantra, the Sanskrit word for “mental liberation,” plays a key role in activating our innate feminine prowess. Using vocals in the form of mantra and chanting is immensely powerful in bringing about vast space within oneself, granting us the courage to allow even the most shadowy of emotions to arise - and to conquer them with fierce grace.

Each one of us carries this God-given capacity to creatively exercise our  unique sound (or voice), so whether you’re a professional singer or you only sing in the shower, you can tap into this ancient practice that connects you to the unseen world and dive deeper into the creative realms of your uniqueness..

The timeless science of sacred sound has been used for centuries as a means of unleashing the power of divine creativity, guiding the practitioner to forge their own creative destinies. This allows us to develop a path that is in alignment with our deepest soul desires - to develop the grit, power and caliber necessary to tap into our unique gifts and share them with the world.

Join Sukhdev Jackson on a mystical journey into the world of sacred song in discovery of your own unique voice, allowing the unfolding of your Destiny path to reveal itself through this ancient sacred voyage into sound.

MANTRA = Mind wave or projection. In Sanskrit it means “mental liberation”

This is a women's retreat. If you are a man, please join us at  Kripalu Center for Health & Yoga for Mantra For Victorious Living! 

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"There is nothing more powerful than the sound of your own voice to heal you."

Yogi Bhajan


This joyous work is for anybody who wants to connect more deeply to their own divinity,

and to tap into the creative surge that rests dormant within them.

On this Sacred  Sound Voyage, you will learn:

  • The ancient science and art of Mantra (Mind projection & protection)

  • Prayers and Shabads from the Kundalini tradition, Bhakti tradition,  Arameic prayers, Women's circle songs

  • How to harness the power of breath to tap into your original sound.

  • How to develop your singing voice and sacred sound using the Raag Indian Scale and warm ups.

  • Powerful pranyamas, kriyas & meditations to tap into the power of your unique voice and unleash your creative longing.

  • Throat Chakra resonance.

  • How to heal the ten bodies with Sound.

  • How to write a song and put your own music to sacred mantras.

  • Aykanna live in concert on Saturday night

  • Master Vocal Class with my vocal and music teacher Tony Khalife

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Saturday Night


Songs Of The Earth

An intimate & healing musical voyage with Aykanna

All is sound: from the vibration of Creation to the sounds we speak, whisper and think.

Embark on  a healing musical journey using specific sound vibrations and ancient mantras in the Kundalini Yoga Tradition sprinkled with deep devotional songs, Aramaic prayers and Native Chants.

Reconnecting to the original languages of the earth, which is the code behind all languages, is a pathway that can assist us in healing on this Earth walk and empower us with courage, love and an understanding of our true nature in order  to be victorious in living our Destiny.



  • 5:30 – 7:00am: Morning Kundalini Practice (Sadhana)

  • 7:30 – 9:00am: Breakfast

  • 9:30 – 12:30pm: Study Module

  • 12:30 – 1:00pm: Lunch

  • 1:00 – 3:00pm: Free Time (walks, hot tub, hot springs, journaling, napping, spa treatment)

  • 3:30 – 6:30pm: Workshop Module

  • 6:30 – 7.30pm: Dinner

  • 8:00 – 9:00pm: Women's sharing and song circle under the stars



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Our Beloved Chef & Digestive Psychology Guru! 

Caspar Poyck C.Ht. a therapist from Southern California's heart of Mind-Body health: Ojai, has created a revolutionary new approach called Digestive Therapy.

Digestive Therapy focuses on how psychology, spirituality, stress and emotional constitution affect eating behavior and the processing of food due to the affects on out Autonomic Nervous System.

Caspar has developed techniques and methods to approach these health challenges by changing behavior, perception, emotional response and even the dining- and kitchen environments themselves. 

He will not only be providing nourishing foods and tonics for our retreat but you will also be able to book a session with him if you are inspired. Learn more about Caspar here


Special Guest Teacher: Tony Khalife

Master Indian Vocal Class

Blending a lifelong search for musical truth into all forms of world music, Tony weaves a seamless vibrational flow in which the drone and ragas of Indian music and the resonance of devotional Sufi dances  meet Western harmonies to flow into the different pulses, melodies and expressions of all forms of music Tony has mastered.

Tony Khalife arrived in Los Angeles in 1984 with two guitars, tuition money and a handful of English words from Beirut. At the Guitar Institute, his abilities as a guitarist were recognized and he had the privilege of playing with Al DiMeola.

But his restless soul pushed him to grow and heal further. He became a direct disciple of Satguru Sant Keshavadas, a singing holy man, studying the life and songs of Indian saints and ancient Vedic rituals in Sanskrit, he served seven years as a Pujari at the Wishwa Shanti Ashrama in Oakland and learned the Tabla with great master drummer Ustad Zakir Hussain.

Learn more about Tony here



  • Your Travel Expenses

  • Excursion to Hotsprings ($30)

  • Spa treatments or private sessions


  • Daily Chanting, Mantra, Kundalini Classes & Sacred Movement

  • All Meals

  • Accommodation


All rooms are shared: a few of the beds need to be shared as well,  so please come with a friend if inspired (women only) 


Save your spot  for A Voyage into Sacred Sound! : $969 - 


Locals: Days only pass: $497 ( July 4th-8th) 

2 Spots left 

Includes three meals a day and the whole program except accommodation (limited space to five spots)

Payment plan for Locals: Days only pass: 2 monthly payments of $250

EL CAMINO: Our Sacred Sanctuary in Ojai

El Camino is  a rejuvenating getaway in a serene natural setting at one of Ojai's unique avocado and citrus farms (20+ acres). With expansive views of the Ojai Valley to the east and Matilija Dam to the west. the property itself has about one mile of beautiful trails on the edge of Las Padres National Forest. We are only 5 miles from Ojai town center and 15 miles to the beach.

Our micro climate is milder than in the valley so you will feel comfortable and refreshed all summer and winter even when the valley bakes or freezes. Guests tell us the air is special as jasmine, citrus, sage and rosemary aromas abound.

We are part residence (4 acres), part avocado/citrus farm, in transition to permaculture (7 acres), and the remainder park/forest and trails abutting one of California’s largest forests that stretches hundreds of miles from Ojai to Big Sur.

Ojai has a wonderful year-round climate with warm days even in winter and lots of sun and cooler nights. Being Mediterranean, rain falls mainly in winter.

The 15 miles of mountains that surround Ojai offer some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the USA with views, waterfalls and natural sulfur hot springs. There are some natural sulphur hot springs 4 miles away that can be reserved in 2 hour segments of $30 per person.



Sukhdev is a powerful force who deeply embodies the fierce grace of sacred femininity. Her love and expertise is expressed through her teachings of mantra technology and women’s empowerment.

She has devoted over twenty years to exercising song as medicine, and as a means to delve into the profoundly rewarding realms of holy living. She and her husband Akah Jackson - a medicine man, percussionist and long-time practitioner of Kundalini Yoga - cultivated their musical passion together, and developed the world-renowned musical duo, Aykanna. Together, they travel internationally to bestow the light blessings of sacred music on a global level.

Sukhdev is also the creator and mastermind behind Shakti School, an educational program designed to reignite the pathway of the true power that rests innately within every woman, deepening the process of global healing of the feminine.



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"Sukhdev is a woman of great grace and power. 

As a  teacher she brings wisdom and compassion, as a musician she elevates and transforms. 

To work with Sukhdev has the power to transform your life.”

Carrie Ann Moss - Mother, Actress, Teacher


"I have known Sukhdev for over 4 years now. We both have young daughters who have a sweet friendship and it tickles my heart to know our girls are connected.


In working with and personal conversations with Sukhdev, I've been moved out of my mental comfort zone in both a gentle and powerful way.

Her work with and for women is unique. 

Lisa Alex - Mother

"I am a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, and battling the daily grind of a very difficult career that can often create a beautiful and blissful environment, but also an extremely toxic one. I've always looked to holistic modalities to help me navigate and stay connected to my Self, to help me create from truth and authenticity despite the pressure to follow trends, and not be afraid to truly be myself. 

Alisha Zelkin.png

While many of those have been helpful, none have given me the experience of Self and Soul that Shakti School has. I was introduced to Sukhdev at my bachelorette party where she led a two hour Kundalini class, and there was this incredible feeling of ease, flow, and self love that I experienced. It was a feeling I always longed for, and worked so hard to achieve, but could never really get there. After her class I knew I had to sign up for Shakti School, and I'm so glad I did. Sukhdev's 40 day program allowed me to feel my soul again, and again, and again. And each time I had that experience, it would start to seep into my thoughts and my actions. I would get into the studio to write and record, and there was this level of creative flow and freedom that was coming out of me in ways I had never experienced before. I found my heart softening and opening to difficult situations, which gave me the space to experience a different outcome. I started to get in tune with my own energies, and listen to my intuition to figure out how to shift it in the moment. I am so grateful for Sukhdev and Shakti School, because it has unlocked and opened the gates of the inmate wisdom and self love we are born with, and that, in and of itself is priceless."

Alisha Z. -  Singer/Songwriter 


"Working with Sukhdev for the past 4 years has been an amazing journey. Her authentic approach to teaching Kundalini Yoga is uplifting and encouraging; shedding light upon the shadow.

Through her Women workshops I have had amazing breakthroughs within myself. Her humble approach and her strong presence captivates, inspires, & provokes one into their own journey of self discovery and growth.

Not only one of the best Kundalini Yoga teachers I have come across, but along with her husband Akah, she brings her gift through her devotional music in Aykanna" 

Angela Lindvall - Mother, Super-Model, Activist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

The Fierce Feminine is my third SHAKTI SCHOOL "online" and fourth Shakti School journey with Sukhdev including the Embodied Woman in Costa Rica within one year!  It is like a breath of fresh air each time, I feel truly changed on a whole new level.

I knew the first time I tuned in to Shakti School that this was a powerful teaching but to have grown and changed and healed as a result, is more than I could have imagined.

I started Shakti School from a place of insecurity, some shame and trepidation (in terms of finances, relationships, life purpose, aging, blah, blah;-).

Each day I would think this is going to be tough, yet I was receiving a gift, and then the next day would be a greater gift and sense of ease,  and some days were tougher workouts but I felt better, meeting the daily challenges were insightful, I was facing my fears!

I want to thank Sukhdev and sisterhood at Shakti School so much for the gifts of daily transformative practice, through Kundalini Yoga sadhana, meditations, music, dancing, and especially for the "sacred space" held to allow personal experiences to be shared, sung out loud, with respect, forgiveness,  self-empowerment, and group uplifting. I felt connected to this sweet source of love, knowing no matter where we are individually, that our sisterhood is a source of security, of inner wisdom, strength and compassion for all beings.

Navtej - Mother, Kundalini Yoga Teacher



Q: Is yoga experience necessary?
A: No – The yoga we teach is challenging to each individual according to their level. 

Q: Can I bring a friend or partner?
A: Absolutely! Partner, only if she is a woman ; ) Sharing this transformational work with someone close to you is such a gift.

Q: What is included in the price?
A: Your accomadations, all of your meals (with ample vegan, protein and GF options), all lectures, yoga, and retreat activities are included. 

Q: Can I have a room by myself?
A: No- this is a very intimate retreat at 15 women maximum. Each room is spacious, comfortable and  sleeps 2-3. It is a wonderful moment to be in community and create sisterhood. Alone time is always respected and silence badges are available if you choose to retreat in this way.
Q: What is not included in this price?
A: Spa treatments or excursion to the hot springs (only $30)

Q: What should I bring?

- Yoga clothes for the week

- Hiking shoes

- Bathing suit/Towel

- Pajamas

- Water bottle

- Journal & Pen

Q: Can I drink, smoke cigarettes and/or vape on this retreat. 
A: No. This is  a sober environment. On this journey, there’s no need for any stimulants of any kind. 

Q: Where do I fly into? What is the best way to get to Ojai, CA?
A: The best and easiest choice are either LAX  Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, CA