What Kind Of Life Do You Want?

Feeling in your bones what is possible each day and taking baby steps and or giant steps towards that, is an exciting life.

To stay stuck in our negative patterns and habits, sometimes feeling like a victim or why is this happening to me, causes us grief and sadness.

An absolute block to excelling.

This is year of mastery: 11, is about living in excellence.

I have been on both sides of the track.

Until I begun to work with a personal coach, upped my practice and begun to implement the things I knew would make a difference in my life, I stayed where I was.

Things were good... but very much at the same level. I was not excelling.

Growth happens incrementally and sometimes when we get really bold, fearless and step into it with an undeniable belief, we excel leaps and bounds with velocity.

That is what I am interested in.

Each death, personal tragedy or trauma is filled with messages of hope and possibility. It's about our ability to digest, perceive and engage the window of the Soul. Shifting our perception of this hue-man journey and inner responsibility, connected to the Soul.

When my brother passed a few months ago, it made me see the many place in my life where I was stuck... in my sorrow, in my ego, in my stubbornness. And the dreams that I had...mostly connected to my music. I stopped believing in them some years ago.

My husband is always good at pointing those places out to me gently but my coach is even better.

She does not let me get away with anything and I love it! And because I pay her a high ticket price, I do the work.

There is something powerful that happens when you invest in yourself, you do the work. The level at which you invest in yourself is really the level at which you will do the work.

It took me years to seek support beyond the teacher training I went through in 2005. Somewhere I got stuck. I was giving so much and was fed by that but I had this notion that because I taught Yoga and meditation, I should be able to heal myself of ALL things! Ha!

I begun to witness the massive transformations in my fellow friends and teachers that had coaches and mentors. I was deeply inspired by that and begun to seek my own support system.

It's been over a year now that I have been working with a life coach and a mentor in Kundalini Yoga. I am excelling and I am reaching beyond who I know myself to be. It's exciting and it's the life I want to live.

I am sharing this with you because I have felt and continue to feel the impact and expansion in my life, and it's so fun to be engaged in things I have dreamt of doing my whole life.

Currently we are embarking on our first European Tour as Aykanna and finishing a new album due out in April. As well as growing Shakti School to the next level.

This has inspired me deeply to support a smaller group of women on a journey into fulfilling the goals of their Soul. Their most intimate desire. The dreams and goals that they might never tell another soul about.

I will be that sounding board, that voice that will boldly, and fearlessly light the way into your Destiny path. You have to be willing to go all the way. I know the caliber of women that I am calling in.

Stay tuned. I will be launching my new exclusive program in the next couple of weeks.

"Leadership & Mentorship program: The Golden Age"

Living In Self Mastery, fulfilling dreams.

I look forward to sharing more and supporting you if you feel a resonant YES.

With love and admiration,


Sukhdev JacksonComment