Healing & Grace

GRACE: I always wondered about this word. Most New Year’s, it is my intention: to embody, live, speak and experience more Grace In my life. 

I have had some moments in this state of Being but always a deep longing for more.

A lot of us have come down with this narly “Flu” that everyone is trying to avoid. Some of my friend’s still won’t come near me! ; )

After two months of experiencing deep grief, the fires and moving homes, the day after my Fierce Feminine program launched, I got slammed with what most call the “Dreaded Flu!”

There is a philosophy in our household that everything that comes as a physical, mental or emotional ailment is actually 'a healing', 'a teacher.'

And when it’s a biggie, “it’s a healing crisis.”

I was talking to family in Europe during this 2- week bed ridden moment and they were begging me to go on antibiotics, something I have not done in 13 years or more. 

The inner guidance (and Akah’s wisdom of course) was to intake minimal foods, rest, lots of teas and herbs and let it heal itself. Some enemas and acupuncture also helped. I spent 8 days in bed and another 5 days house-bound.

Since I have been a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I don’t remember spending more than a day in bed. 

This was my experience:

Grace: My ten bodies purged something huge. I sweated for eight nights, having to change pajamas four times a night. On the eight day, I woke up and all the symptoms in my body that I had been experiencing some discomfort with for that last four years were gone. 


I felt like a new born child. 

My mind was more still than ever. 

There was a rebirth happening. And I trusted it.

This experience filled with grace amplified my belief and understanding that this body is designed to heal. If we can just let it. 

There is a deep trust that needs renewing in most of us when it comes to the body's ability to heal. This was my moment. 

After that experience, I realized there is nothing wrong with me. My body simply needs less. Less food, less stimulants, more rest and relaxation....Now that’s a meditation and focus. ; )

I felt it was important I share this with you as so many of us are concerned about our health and getting overwhelmed with all the different philosophies out there. 

Be still, get to know your body, know who your teachers and allies are. Befriend them and listen deeply. Work with one or two herbs only.

Eat less. Cleanse seasonally and educate yourself. You will know. It’s a part of a woman’s innate wisdom. 

Where can you shift some small things in your life to create your next level of health?

I wanted to share this book with you "Wise Healing" by Susun Weed, that is part of my "Becoming The Fierce Feminine" Course which has helped many women transform the relationship to health and well being. 

With Love & Gratitude,


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