What Makes You Magnetic!

We were a bunch of women this morning in my local class in Ojai.  We has a sweet moment of sharing as weturned to each other after the closing prayer and decided tohop across the road to grab a juice.  I reflected how far I have come….Gosh I love been with women!

You see, I grew up with 3 brothers and lost my mother at a very early age. I was always accustomed to being around men. It was my thing, I was a tomboy and I loved it. 

I discovered later in life when I got sober some 14 years ago that I really actually did not like women. I was angry at them, especially growing up with a series of step moms and having lost my mom and grandma as a young child.  

It was all a mask, I just preferred to ignore my feelings and play tuff. It made me feel cool, accepted and different. I was a dancer, and love to freestyle.  Hip Hop was my passion back then and London, UK was the perfect place to get into all of that. 

I attended an “all girls” boarding school in England from age 12-18 and one of the things I was known for, was gatheringall the girls at break time in our “lounge room”.  I would  jump on a desk and blast beats by the likes of Janet Jackson or Rob Base and with a funky 2 step lead everyone into a dance routine.

That laterturned into shows that I would direct at the end of the school year. This was the headmistresses idea to keep me focused and so she would not have to "expel me" she said! Dance and singing back then were my saving grace just like Kundalini Yoga is today.

So in essence I have always loved to gather women. To make them dance. Sing and celebrate life. 

I wanted you to know this about me. As I watch my daughter grow and reflect on my life experience, I see that ithas allled me to this moment. 

That is what makes us magnetic I believe. When weallow the natural flow oflifeand our Destiny to unfold, it all falls into place.  

Youcome with a special gift to share, we are all unique. And it is your uniqueness that makes you magnetic. It is YOU. And only YOU. The very special way YOU do it. 

“Learn to be YOU” my teacher would say. That is the biggest most blessed teaching I have received from Yogi Bhajan. 

He taught us to share our Destiny the wayit felt good to us. No matter whatis going on out there. Because when it feels authentic to you, it does to everyone else too. 

Of course there are periods of time that I doubt myself, that I feel like a fake and all the rest of the negative feelings that we can all succumb to sometimes. But bottom line is, we can clear all that UNTRUTH through our daily practice, our prayer and we get back on our Unicorn Yo!

It is our nature to be well, to be vital and magnetic. When we get together as women, we naturally call that forth from one another. So gather with your sisters, family and women. Share, laugh and pray together. Meditate, chant, do Kundalini yoga and be happy. Be You.  BE MAGNETIC. 

Stay connected to your heart, it knows everything. 

In love and light,

Sukhdev JacksonComment