Is It Depression or Transformation?

How are you doing?

I was with a dear girlfriend of mine yesterday and she fell into my arms and just wept. A sweet smile came across my face as I held her…”yes I know” I said nodding humbly, having just come out of that fire of transformation.

The best thing I knew to do was to listen and hold her…in a moment, having been witnessed,  she was able to release and come back to her natural place of well being. 

Water is the element that cools off the fire of transformation and our tears are so needed. Especially as women, as we are emotional beings and we heal and soften so much through tears. 

Can we just agree that it is a part of life? I am often weeping and then re-centering. We are physically designed to cleanse through tears. 

All the Eastern philosophies teach us that life is contrast, it’s dark and light, it’s fun and messy, it’s adventurous and it’s dull. And more of than that, it’s a very finite journey inhabiting this human body.

And we know this. And we forget this. Mass media and what we know of modern medicine is much about pushing pills and agendas. Did you know that1 out of 4 women is on anti-depressants? Yep, that is THE statistic.

Often we don't trust our inner voices and look to someone else to give us permission and direct  us as to what we should do. I know, I do it often. Not with doctors but healers, nutritionists etc...whilst all the while if I am really listening, I know exactly what I must do!

Listen, listen to that sweet inner voice that is always here guiding you. Listen to the angels, masters and ancestors that are around you.

Are wepaying too much attention to all the things that are not working instead of basking in the wonder of this magnificent creation of being in a human body?

Now the soul’s journey is Eternal! And the soul wants to create, wants to experience, wants to see the physical manifestation of all that its been asking for in it’s eternity…how can we focus more on the inner being and reduce the pain of being in this very finite human journey? 

Have you been feeling this lately? That the human experience can be tremendously painful?

I have too and we rise again. Always, unless we CHOOSE not to. 

As long as we choose to keep rising, there is always hope. 

Not matter what it looks like out there. 

I know that when I am making the time to listen. To sit, to meditate, to process, I always find alignment with my inner being. 

This is what Yogi Bhajan spoke in terms so simple and clear so many times….”Me and God are One,”  “The Me in Me”, “the You in You”. All those little phrases he would repeat are like golden nuggets.

When we sit in our prayers, at our altar or anywhere that we are feelingconnected, we can touch that Infinitespace within us.

So my encouragement at any point in life on how to feel better is very simple in these five steps:

  1. Sit, meditate and pray everyday

  2. Allow emotions to flow. Nothing wrong with it.
     E-motion = energy in motion

  3. Sweat everyday, do something that gets you out in nature. Hike, run, surf or go rollerblading(I just started after a 10 year hiatus and loving it!)

  4. Listen deeply to the call of your Soul and do what it says.  
    Align with your inner being - this is where the peace is.

  5. Accept that life is contrast. There can no be light without dark so learn to ride the wave. 

Stay connected to your heart. It knows everything.

In love and light,

Sukhdev Jackson1 Comment