Daily Rituals For The Modern Woman

As I look outside of my office window onto abundant orange groves and lush green mountains, it comes to my attention that we are just like nature.

When we give our bodies what it needs, plenty of fresh air, water, green food, rest and rejuvenation , we thrive. In these modern times included in that is, exercising most days, breaking a sweat, meditation and prayer.

On the mind level, like we clean our windows as they amass dirt from the environment, including 'little ones' sticky paws, we must cleanse our mind daily.

Meditation as far as I am concerned is a requirement these days. There is just too much going on out there to think we can get by and stay sane without a daily practice. As far as I am concerned my daily practice is my life saver...and my families ; )

I love it when my skin glows and I radiate from the inside. And I connect it to only a few things, done on most days. 

It is those things done with consistency that really create the lifestyle, the vitality and the glow that we all love to sport. It's the inner glow. It's an inner peace. And of course that is a journey in and of itself. I will be the first one to own up to that!

So don't be hard on yourself, don't let this be another thing you HAVE to add to your to do list. But approach it more like "let me try this out".


Get your glow on lady!

1. Get up earlier then everyone, or before the sun and do something. Even if you begin with a 3 minute meditation. Then work it up to 11, 22 and possibly one day you will crave to meditate for a minimum of 31 or 62 mins meditation. It builds on itself, and if you start small and stay consistent, your desire to meditate more will naturally grow.

2. Daily green drink: Some days I do a straight green juice and other days I will just shake up some Moringa powder, E3 Live and Camu Camu with minerals in a mason jar. Try different greens and see what you like. Not the best tasting but we do it for the glow! And so helpful for digestion too. 

3. Exercise and sweating are highly important for women to feel good. By nature we are internal beings and exercising allows us to be more connected, present and we just feel great. Try something new...kundalini yoga, jog, rollerblade, pilates. Endless possibilities.

4. Cold showers! yes I said it....it is epic and I feel better than ever when I get my cold shower in. Start with the extremities and slowly work your way in there. 5 minutes minimum. ( I put a timer on) I love the yogic technique of rubbing my body with almond oil before. Then make sure to rub all the parts of your body vigorously. So good. Try it! 

5. Daily prayer. My teacher Yogi Bhajan would say " The power of a woman is the power of her prayer." If you feel like your prayer is stale, find new ways to activate it. Dance, scream it out, whisper it, chant it or write it out. Refresh your way of connecting to the Infinite. Kundalini yoga is a very powerful way to do that. 

In love and light,

Sukhdev JacksonComment