BE BOLD! How to step into it

Well who are you not to be bold? Really, seriously. It takes being BOLD in this day and age to make it. And, it's a mindset.

It's a mindset that gets developed over time based on you trusting yourself and trusting that LIFE, this Divine providing loving Universe has your back. (Hmmm sounds a bit like Gabby) lol.

You trust yourself because you show up for yourself. And in Kundalini Yoga, trusting yourself becomes who you are because of the daily practice.

The act of showing up for yourself, morning after morning and establishing that relationship with your Soul, propels you into your Boldness!

As a woman it is essential to become our own best friend. This is the greatest healing we all crave. The daily practice of Kundalini Yoga is one of the ways we can demonstrate that to ourself.

Another aspects of being able to be BOLD in the world is Integrity. You keep your life in as much integrity as you can but if you are waiting for it to all be perfectly lined up before you jump into creating your dream (you know what is possible) life, good luck!

This false idea of perfection is like the cartoons, movies and fairy tales we were spoon fed as children. 

Ladies, time to unwind from the hypnosis, please. 

So many women I teach are dealing with self worth issues, lack of confidence, addictions. Well, you know what, we have to claim our healing. None of this is who you are! You learned this behavior somewhere. Negativity is always associated with feeling like a victim. And quite rightly, it is deeply ingrained in our consciousness as modern women. 

But we are the ones! We are the modern women that the Dalai Lama talked about. We are the ones the will bring balance back on the planet. And it will only happen when we return to our TRUE POWER.

We need to gather in masses, march, start our businesses online and show up in our communities to serve and uplift. 

There will always be room for you to bring your gift! You are so needed. Let's kick the comparing and competing to the curb.

So let’s stop the victim play and get to it. We need you. I need you. 

Truly, I am facing it today. My own version of those symptoms...

So I feel that I can radically spell it out like this because that is how I have to talk to myself when I stumble into those spaces.

So whatever it is that you are putting off. Begin now.

That trip? Plan it now. That training? Book it now.

That website, do something for it today.

That business, get your journal out, map it out.

That call of forgiveness...

Do something for your destiny today. 

To serve is the only hope we have of been truly happy. And Woman, your healing power is needed. 

I stand with you. Let’s keep awakening together. 

Loving you, 


Sukhdev JacksonComment