YOU Are The Offering

My muddy feet sank into the river beds this morning as I took the crisp air into my lungs and gazed upon the majestic landscape of my new home town, Ojai. 

After some deep breaths, My mind focused on how I can choose the alignment of feeling joy, creative and wellbeing in each moment. I take a deeper breath.

Anything other than that is simply a thought that is separating me from the love the Universe has for me. Such a habit to break….

I dropped off my daughter to school this morning and a friend was telling me the epic tale of the candle that stayed alight all night in their room and caused a small fireurning a small part of his girlfriends hands. I was reminded of how one time a candle in our small Topanga cottage lit half the room on fire!

“Ahh the offering!“ I said.

“What are you talking about?“ he responded.


In some ancient traditions, they believe when you spill liquid in your house or there is a fire incident, it is time to make an offering.

Hence I make a lot of offerings to the land! Since I spill quite a bit of liquids around the house.

He looked amused and interested so I kept on….

I closed my eyes and felt a deeper truth resonate, 

“ Everything that we do is an offering, all of our pains, our struggles, our victories. They are an offering to this human journey, to all of that which breathes us and sustains us."

He sighed.

"And those small mishaps are the reminders, to slow down and offer something of ourselves, to be in our prayer. To reconnect to the truths that eyes cannot see, that we can only hear in the silence”

“Poetic! He responded…a little hesitant he went on “ Yeah I feel you, there definitely a lot swirling in our house right now. Could be good to do that.”

At home, as a family, we would take bread, a spirit plate or any offering to the land. Say a prayer of our heart, give thanks and may be ask for the help that we need. Sahej is quite versed in this and when I spill something she will be there first that utters with a big smile “ time for an offering mama!”

I invite you to reach into nature during these next few days, especially after this incredible rain we have had in California. 

Lay down your offerings, it could be tobacco, a flower, a crystal or rock. Or simply a prayer. 

Allow all that is transpiring in the world to be bought into your prayer, feeling into your own alignment with Source. Knowing that as we rise within, so will the world reflect that. 

Our prayers is the link that closes that gap that our mind creates between us and the Universe.

With great love, 


Sukhdev Jackson