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Have you as a woman suffered from any addiction?  Eating disorder? Lack of following through on your dreams or intuition?

I have dealt with all of these issues in my life and found a pathway to heal deep trauma and wounds which manifested in me as addiction, avoidance and inability to follow through with the burning call of my heart and what I came here to share.

"There is a way through every block". Read about my experiences and try out some meditations and see what program could support your evolution.

Re-align your way into wellness and wholeness, giving you the grit, grace and caliber to follow through with creating the life you ache for. 

In love





Through Sukhdev’s Women workshops I have had amazing breakthroughs within myself.

Her humble approach and her strong presence captivates, inspires, & provokes one into their own journey of self discovery and growth.
Angela Lindvall - Mother, Super-Model, Activist
Photo By  Dina Lockridge

Experience The Grace Of God meditation. One of the most powerful meditations for Women.

It is said if you do it everyday it will tip your aura with silver and gold. Be radiant! 

Sukhdev is a woman of great grace and power.
As a teacher she brings wisdom and compassion, as a musician she elevates and transforms. To attend a workshop led by Sukhdev has the power to transform your life.
— Carrie Ann Moss - Actress, Mother, Teacher