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Women's Intensive At Sat Nam Fest!

  • Camp Lawerence Daley at Mt. Craig (map)

The Joyful Woman: The Path of Always Becoming

Taught by Wah, Sukhdev, & Azita

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

It’s fair to say as women we are all constantly becoming. That sense of impermanence and fluidity (be it an emotion or a cycle or stage) are the wellsprings of the Feminine. As women we are always unfolding and evolving, uncovering and recovering. We are always ’doing the work’ to create, birth, feed or heal something.

How do we still do the work to heal and grow AND still celebrate, embrace and share who we are right now. ENJOY who we are right now.

What if we chose to BE IN JOY RIGHT NOW??

Joy is what exists at the core of every moment. But, unfortunately that joy is usually hidden beneath layers and layers of should’s and supposed-to’s, daily to-do lists and exhausted attempts at keeping up with a day we’ve allowed others to steal way. Enough.

Now, this isn’t about vacating your life for a spa getaway (although that would be nice) – this is about accessing the joy during the becoming.. during the mess, during the transition, during the during…

This is about self acceptance. Self compassion. And self expression even when it’s messy. Especially when it’s messy. It’s saying, “Don’t mind the mess. This is Me. Unapologetically Me. And I’m choosing to celebrate it.” It’s owning who we are right now.

Your joy is a vibration. And that vibration is a magnet- a miracle magnet. For more joy. And prosperity.

Where are you needing more joy in your life?

Join Sukh Dev, Azita and Wah for a workshop dedicated to the joy of being a women. Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, take journey with three women who have used this ancient science to still live in joy while moving through the mess of becoming.. Because we’re always still becoming…