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Woman As Healer | Sat Nam Fest Immersion

  • Joshua Tree Retreat Center 59700 Twentynine Palms Highway Joshua Tree, CA, 92252 United States (map)

Spend the afternoon with Sukhdev, Azita Nahai and Wah Khalsa for an immersed and sacred time of connections, healing, Kundalini Yoga and much more. We will collectively set a beautiful foundation for our Sat Nam Fest experience!

As women we have all struggled through our own secret battles and fought our own life-sized demons. As women we have all carried the painof our families and communities- bearing a burden that is no longer ours to carry. The time has come to lighten our load. The time has come to heal this aching world. But in order to heal the world, we must heal ourselves. On the heels of this Me-too Revolution, we’ve had a revelation. Our healing begins the moment we stop denying ourselves and the pain we carry. Our healing begins the moment we are no longer afraid to lean into the pain. It’s time to harness and utilize the thing we’ve feared most ~ our own strength and wisdom; to use the power of the Divine Feminine to brave into the depths of our darkness… Because it is the darkness that leads us back to the light of our own healing.

Give your brave and tender hearts the time and space to go deep. Women as Healer will offer you a map to embrace, experience and releasethose heavy pieces of sorrow, grief, sadness, self judgment, pain, shame, and fear. Join us as we use the science of kriya, mantra, meditation and pranayama coupled with the healing balm of dance and ceremony to burn through our pasts and reclaim our Selves. Fueled by fierce compassion, inclusion and spirited sisterhood come join together in sisterhood as we collectively ignite our Divine Feminine fire. It only takes one candle to light up the dark, imagine what all of us can do together?