Deepen Into Your Practice.

Heal Thyself. Teach Women.

Embody your grace & fierceness and help other women do the same. 

A Letter From Sukhdev 

Dear Radiant Woman,

As Yogi Bhajan foresaw, the gifts of the sacred feminine are now needed like never before - and it’s our responsibility to step into them with fierce love.

The world is beginning to witness the birth of a new era that finally honors the problems with our current social structures, in which a woman’s intuitive power has been shut up and shut down out of fear of its hugeness.

Yogi Bhajan knew that something had to shift. He was a visionary with a mission - a mission to use Kundalini Yoga to uplift the nobility, radiance, and confidence of women, a mission to annihilate a woman’s insecurity and move her into a life of service, prosperity and creative action.

In this way, we may rise up and meet the new era, equipped to change the world - to let our light blast out the shadows of the past.

And you are ready. You are ready to shine even brighter.

You are ready to gift the divine energy of Kundalini Yoga to your sacred sisters.

You are ready to share your heart-level understanding of what it means to be a woman - to illuminate the path of embracing the infinite wisdom and creative power that we inherently possess in this female incarnation. To help others move forward with the courage, compassion, and grace needed in this age of female re-empowerment.

Women need to be together in these times of great change. Together, we thrive. Together, we can leave the past behind and move with presence into a time that calls upon our divine feminine light to create an enlightened future for all beings on Mother Earth.

With deep love and gratitude,

Sukhdev Jackson

Receive a 60-hour certification through "Shakti School" and teach other women.


(KRI Level one Kundalini Yoga teacher or another foundational 200-hour teacher training required.)

If you have done more than one Shakti School course but have no other training, please email us:


Shakti School Teacher Training 

Join a intentional tribe of women with a collective commitment  


If you are eager to share the luminous pearls of wisdom you have to offer this planet, then I welcome you to join me in the beautiful healing lands of Nosara, Costa Rica. Here, you will learn to spread the foundations of a lifestyle-based practice that supports healing, thriving and excelling in daily life.

This powerful weeklong training has its roots in Kundalini Yoga, in which you will dive heart-first into the foundational trainings of daily mantra, kriya yoga, meditation, and so much more! Together, we will strengthen the immensity of your presence so that you can show up for your students in a way that affects massive change in the modern era.  

By learning to teach and uplift those in your community, you will leave with the tools to be a radiant light wherever you go, and to cause a powerful ripple effect among women.

What you will learn from the teachings for Women from the  Kundalini Yoga tradition as taught

by Yogi Bhajan:

  • How to teach and share the foundational women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga
  • Pranayama basics for women
  • Mantra basics for women
  • Prosperity teachings: Learn how to harness the internal power and radiance to attract prosperity from doing what you love. 
  • Best yoga sets to give to women when in crisis or facing a particular situation in their lives.
  • Through the powerful teachings of Kundalini Yoga, learn how to Relax and Attract and thrive in these changing times. 
  • Learning to heal with nutrition, holistic lifestyle and the moon phases.
  • Healing with the 11 moon centers and how teaching them.

In addition learn how to:

  • How to host women’s new moon and full moon circles.
  • How to connect with yourself as a medicine woman, as your own healer and teach other women how to do that. 
  • How to connect to your unique gift and share it on a global scale. 



"In order to teach masterfully, to any group of people, you must have had the experiences of the group, or else your simply an instructor reciting instructions.

Sukhdev Kaur is a masterful teacher who has had the experiences of all sides of the Divine sisterhood throughout her life. It is her mastery of Kundalini yoga, meditation, music, partnership and motherhood that have given her the tools to express this mastery through her teachings and classes.

There is no limit to our encouragement for any woman who is considering studying with Sukhdev Kaur. It is a truly blessed opportunity."

Always with Sacred Prayer & Deep Gratitude, Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur


Join The Shakti School Women's Training 

COST: $2499 (After June 30th $2799)

Includes course tuition, manual, lodging and three delicious meals per day. 

There are no refunds. Payment plans are available.

Space is limited. Apply today.

VIP: You will receive your application questionnaire once you register

NOTE: If you do not have a paypal account and rather make a bank transfer, please email us at

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Sukhdev Jackson

"Shakti School was born out of a need to heal my Self and my matriarchal lineage.

Through the gift and blessing of discovering the tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation for Women, I created a balanced life of harmony, peace and service.  

I want to simply give the gift back to women everywhere. Time is now to unite and come back into our true power and Grace." 

Shakti School | Ancient Wisdom To Light Your Path


  • 7:30 – 9:00AM BREAKFAST
  • 12:30 – 1:00PM  LUNCH
  • 3:30 – 6:30PM WORKSHOP MODULE
  • 6:30 – 8:00PM DINNER
“You believe the woman is a doormat. I believe woman is the door to God. You believe woman is the chick and I believe she is the eagle. Her sway and her grace is keeping the Earth in its own place.”
— Yogi Bhajan

Your Teacher Training  Includes

  •  Seven night's lodging at Ahki - reserved exclusively for guests of Shakti School. All rooms are shared with two sisters.

  • Full use of the pool, library, yoga space, props and supplies
  • Three vegetarian meals each day ( additional protein available upon request)
  • Ground transportation to and from the Liberia airport on November 3rd and 10th, 2018 (a $150 saving each way)
  • A shuttle at your disposable to go to the beach and to town for excursions
  • Daily yoga, meditation, chanting, & traditional practice sessions

Your price does not include airfare, additional excursions, spa services, additional food or incidentals.

Join The Shakti School Women's Training 

COST: $2499 (After June 30th $2799)

Includes course tuition, manual, lodging and three delicious meals per day. 

There are no refunds. Payment plans are available.

Space is limited. Apply today.

VIP: You will receive your application questionnaire once you register. 

NOTE: If you do not have a paypal account and rather make a bank transfer, please email us at


What others are saying about Shakti School...

Sukhdev Jackson is the real deal, a luminous source and a true Shakti force! She guides with skillful compassion, anchored in tradition and with an innovative approach for the modern day woman.
Sukhdev holds impeccable space for women to rest in vulnerability, express with honesty and rise with inner victory. In Sukhdev's presence, there is the feeling of immense welcoming for the whole journey. 
Shakti School brings women together with dedication to practice, healing from within and soulful sisterhood. 

Sianna Sherman - Yoga Teacher

carrie-2 copy.png



"Sukhdev is a woman of great grace and power. 

As a  teacher she brings wisdom and compassion, as a musician she elevates and transforms. 

To work with Sukhdev has the power to transform your life.”

Carrie Ann Moss - Mother, Actress, Teacher

"I have known Sukhdev for over 4 years now. We both have young daughters who have a sweet friendship and it tickles my heart to know our girls are connected.


In working with and personal conversations with Sukhdev, I've been moved out of my mental comfort zone in both a gentle and powerful way.

Her work with and for women is unique. 

Lisa Alex - Mother

"I am a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, and battling the daily grind of a very difficult career that can often create a beautiful and blissful environment, but also an extremely toxic one. I've always looked to holistic modalities to help me navigate and stay connected to my Self, to help me create from truth and authenticity despite the pressure to follow trends, and not be afraid to truly be myself. 

Alisha Zelkin.png

While many of those have been helpful, none have given me the experience of Self and Soul that Shakti School has.

I was introduced to Sukhdev at my bachelorette party where she led a two hour Kundalini class, and there was this incredible feeling of ease, flow, and self love that I experienced. It was a feeling I always longed for, and worked so hard to achieve, but could never really get there. After her class I knew I had to sign up for Shakti School, and I'm so glad I did.

Sukhdev's 40 day program allowed me to feel my soul again, and again, and again. And each time I had that experience, it would start to seep into my thoughts and my actions. I would get into the studio to write and record, and there was this level of creative flow and freedom that was coming out of me in ways I had never experienced before.

I found my heart softening and opening to difficult situations, which gave me the space to experience a different outcome. I started to get in tune with my own energies, and listen to my intuition to figure out how to shift it in the moment.

I am so grateful for Sukhdev and Shakti School, because it has unlocked and opened the gates of the inmate wisdom and self love we are born with, and that, in and of itself is priceless."

Alisha Z. -  Singer/Songwriter 

"Working with Sukhdev for the past 4 years has been an amazing journey. Her authentic approach to teaching Kundalini Yoga is uplifting and encouraging; shedding light upon the shadow.

Through her Women workshops I have had amazing breakthroughs within myself. Her humble approach and her strong presence captivates, inspires, & provokes one into their own journey of self discovery and growth.

Not only one of the best Kundalini Yoga teachers I have come across, but along with her husband Akah, she brings her gift through her devotional music in Aykanna" 

Angela Lindvall - Mother, Super-Model, Activist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


The Fierce Feminine is my third SHAKTI SCHOOL "online" and fourth Shakti School journey with Sukhdev including the Embodied Woman in Costa Rica within one year!  It is like a breath of fresh air each time, I feel truly changed on a whole new level.

I knew the first time I tuned in to Shakti School that this was a powerful teaching but to have grown and changed and healed as a result, is more than I could have imagined.


I started Shakti School from a place of insecurity, some shame and trepidation (in terms of finances, relationships, life purpose, aging, blah, blah;-).

Each day I would think this is going to be tough, yet I was receiving a gift, and then the next day would be a greater gift and sense of ease,  and some days were tougher workouts but I felt better, meeting the daily challenges were insightful, I was facing my fears!

I want to thank Sukhdev and sisterhood at Shakti School so much for the gifts of daily transformative practice, through Kundalini Yoga sadhana, meditations, music, dancing, and especially for the "sacred space" held to allow personal experiences to be shared, sung out loud, with respect, forgiveness,  self-empowerment, and group uplifting. I felt connected to this sweet source of love, knowing no matter where we are individually, that our sisterhood is a source of security, of inner wisdom, strength and compassion for all beings.

Navtej - Mother, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Join The Shakti School Women's Training 

COST: $2499 (After June 30th $2799)

Includes course tuition, manual, lodging and three delicious meals per day. 

There are no refunds. Payment plans are available.

Space is limited. Apply today.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is yoga experience necessary?
A: Yes – (KRI Level one Kundalini Yoga teacher or another foundational 200-hour yoga teacher training is  required.)

If you have done more than one Shakti School course but have no other training, please email us:

Q: What is included in the price?
A: Your accomodations at Akhi Retreat, all of your meals (with ample vegan and GF options) and  your teacher training are included. Your shuttle to and from the airport as long as you arrive and leave in designated times. You should not need to spend more than a few dollars in addition to this cost while staying at Akhi Retreat.

Q: Can I have a room by myself?
A: No- this is a very intimate retreat at 18 women maximum. Each room is spacious, comfortable and  sleeps 3. It is a wonderful moment to be in community and create sisterhood. Alone time is always respected and silence badges are available if you choose to retreat in this way.
Q: What is not included in this price?
A: Your flights. Spa or excursion services, surf lessons, additional snacks, and incidentals. We do like to venture into town as a group one night and dine out – you could easily find a lovely meal with tax and tip for less than $20 US.

Q: What is the weather like?
A: Akhi Retreat is at the edge of the jungle overlooking the beach and ocean. The weather is typically warm or hot with an occasional afternoon rain shower. It’s spectacular.

Q: What about travel, vaccines, and money?
A: You will need a valid passport to travel to Costa Rica, but you will not need a Visa if you are coming from the US, Canada, or the European Union. The drinking water is good at Akhi Retreat and the nearby town of Playa Guiones, as it is in most of Costa Rica, and no additional vaccines are recommended. If you’re planning to spend time off site, you may want to get some Costa Rican Colones, although US dollars are widely accepted both at Akhi Retreat and in the surrounding community.

Q: Will I need air conditioning?
A: All areas are open air and there is no need for AC

Q: What should I bring?
A: Beach clothing, yoga clothing (shorts), slip on shoes and your camera! You can leave your shampoo and soap at home, because luxurious and eco-friendly options are provided at Akhi Retreat. Yoga mats and props are also provided, as are bath towels. Beach towels are also available.  There are no laundry facilities, so we recommend packing accordingly. You can always walk or arrange for a car to go into Playa Guiones (about a 15-minute car ride) if you need incidentals.

Q: Can I drink, smoke cigarettes and/or vape on this retreat. 
A: No. This is  a sober environment. On this journey, there’s no need for any stimulants of any kind. 

Q: Are there places to stay before and after?
A: Playa Guiones has many wonderful places to stay at all price points.  There are budget-friendly hostels, luxury hotels, and yoga retreat properties all within a 30 minute drive of Akhi Retreat

Q: Where do I fly into? What is the best way to get to Akhi Retreat?
A: The best and easiest choice  in Costa Rica:
– Liberia, which is about a two and a half hour drive. We will organize a shuttle to pick you up. The Shuttle will be available on November 3rd at Liberia at 3.30pm. Please book your flight accordingly.

If you are coming from Europe, you may need to fly into San Jose and then get a small plane to Nosara. That would be the easiest.